Your company's IT area must be prepared to deal with all the changes that may arise in your business

Agile Onboarding and Startup

Service suite for companies that want to start deploying Agile and want to start safely, smoothly, and knowing how to bring the most value to their business.
The final result is an implementation of Agile without any uncertainty, progressively, with visible and valuable results, and in a short term.
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Agile Coaching: Adjusting and Empowering Teams

If you’re already working with Agile but can’t get the flow straight, the dynamics of meetings are scattered and your teams are not convinced or the tools you use don’t seem to fit.
It’s time to consider that you need someone with experience to help you boosting and managing your meetings or workflow, or simply strengthening your team.

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Remote Agile

If your company works with remote or off-site teams, we help you establish a suitable way of working based on Agile.
Our consultants have extensive experience in this field and we will put in your hands the best practices so that you can operate in the most appropriate way, the performance of your teams won’t be harmed and it will increase over time.

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Scaled Scrum

If you are already working with Agile methodology and need to scale the model or grow your team, we will guide you and show the best practices based on the selected framework (SAFe, NeXus or LeSS).
We work with you and complement your experience with ours in implementing scaling processes and practices to create an organization and community of practice with an exceptional level of performance and value contribution.

Extended Agile

Agile can not only be applied in the software development area, it is a way of working that can be extended to many processes in your company.
You will be surprised how the same speed and agility you have already acquired in the area of technology transforms other areas and services of your company, and you will be the catalyst and protagonist of that change.

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