Surely Blockchain is revolutionizing the world of sport, discover how Blockchain technology can be applied to different sports



In recent years, many doping scandals have caused great doubts about certain sports. During the last Olympics, hackers leaked several medical files of athletes who claim evidence of doping. This included several high performance and prestigious athletes.

Blockchain technology gives us the opportunity to protect these files so that they do not leak to the public, and also protects the fairness in the world of sports, making sure that the federations do not manipulate the data to hide cases of doping.

With the help of blockchain, a more structured system can be established to record the results of the tests and the prescriptions in response. This is because once the data is present in the system, its accuracy will be verified according to the pre-established protocols before starting the blockchain registration and making the change impossible.

The potential is enormous for blockchain to be used as a secure and immutable records management system to establish which substances and when they are prohibited, the registration of prescriptions, authorizations for therapeutic use, and test results.



Fan Engagement

Sports clubs can submit their own club-specific virtual tokens / coins, which fans can spend on merchandising, special treatment, tickets and food and drinks at matches.

These well-managed tokens provide operational efficiencies that mean more profits for the clubs, due to the advance in the financing of the products that are going to be consumed.

The system could allow for the exchange of tickets peer-to-peer that may be popular among supporters and allow the ticket resale market to be managed fairly among followers and clubs, as well as avoid the fake ticket market.

The potential is enormous for blockchain to be used as a secure and immutable record management system to establish which substances and when they are prohibited, the registration of prescriptions, authorizations for therapeutic use, and test results.

Apply Blockchain to your business


Financing of Future Promises

Blockchain technology allows obtaining financing through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) without important corporate implications. In addition, the rules that best interest to benefit the investor are established.

An interesting case is to allow participation in the financing of promising young people. This participation avoids part of the risks, since not all sports talents become sports stars.

Look at this example:

  • null


    For a few years it is necessary to finance the formation of the new promise

  • null


    Commit a percentage of your future income

  • null


    In the elite, generates incomes finishing your investment

  • null


    Generate millions in sponsorship contracts

As simple as that!



Meet your customers

Currently, most sports facilities do not know exactly who will enter the stadium. In football clubs it is taken into account that people may allow their friends to use their season tickets when they are not attending matches themselves.

Soccer clubs may know that a certain ticket was bought, but they do not always know who actually uses it. Therefore, they will never be able to focus marketing towards these spectators. The final customer volume is used less. Most clubs and stadiums have this problem.

If you establish a Blockchain record in the ticketing system, you can check who attended, both in the individual entries, as the holders of the subscription or other people. If people want to give these tickets to friends or other people, they will be registered in Blockchain.

On this subject, with the new General Regulation of Data Protection (GDPR) of the European Union new specifications are established. With the GDPR some uses of blockchain will be accelerated.

If the consumer decides that their data should not be used anymore, this will be stated in its block and the use or visibility of the data will be turned off. Even though it is stored securely (cryptography), it is granted through an intelligent contract (smartcontract) that it cannot be used without  permission.

The move of your life thanks to Blockchain

The move of your life thanks to Blockchain


Ticketing control

Through Blockchain technology you can carry out an exhaustive control of the sale of tickets in order to avoid resale or with the purpose of the club being benefited by this resale.

The way to establish this control is registering the buyer and the entry univocally.

The change is deeper since digitalization is established in the sale of tickets. Through the club website, through the club’s app and in the field offices, always identifying the buyer by means of ID.

The ticket will be managed by the buyer through electronic support (smartphone) and the display of the access code to the stadium, may be controlled by the club, to establish order of entry into the building, or manage the display a few minutes before the start of the meeting.



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