dareCode gets the 'I Want to Work Here' label, recognition of excellence in Human Resources practices

dareCode, a company specialized in the digital sector, based in Madrid and Zaragoza, obtains recognition for good practices in the area of Human Resources, consolidating itself as a healthy company.

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Zaragoza, Monday 16 December 2019. At dareCode, a company specializing in the digital sector, quality and the welfare of its employees is a priority issue in its business DNA.

The ‘I want to work here’ award is a recognition of the initiatives carried out in the Human Resources area, all of which are dedicated to making the day-to-day life of all dareCode employees the most satisfactory.

‘At dareCode, our wellness model is based on the trust we place in the dareCoders. This trust has allowed us to develop different initiatives in order to improve their comfort and happiness in the working environment’. Says Ignacio Marín, CEO of dareCode.


Initiatives such as teleworking or flexible working hours allow dareCode employees to balance their personal and family life with their professional commitments, in addition to actively listening to the main concerns of employees.

The ‘I Want to Work Here’ certification requires, first of all, that the organization becomes aware as a company of the responsibility it has with its team, in order to implement or design initiatives that improve its day-to-day work.

The ultimate goal is for employees to find a healthy environment in which to work and grow professionally at dareCode.

Obtaining the I want to work here certificate is another incentive and a motivation to continue working along the same lines as we are, and to promote new challenges and future goals focused on the satisfaction of our employees.

The aim is for this to be the best place to work.

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