#The200Challenge Do you dare?

At dareCode we join The200Challenge

At dareCode we have decided to take an active part in raising society’s awareness of keeping our distance in order to stop the expansion of Covid-19.

Therefore we join the #The200Challenge a curious initiative created by the Shackleton agency.

What is The200Challenge?

The200Challenge is an initiative created by the Shackleton agency that aims to make companies change their visual identity.

This temporary change, aims to give a space between all the elements that make up the visual identity of companies.

With this separation, institutions, organizations and companies will indirectly raise awareness in society to maintain a safe distance. 200 centimetres is the distance we must maintain.

That’s why to participate in #The200Challenge we have to increase by 200 the tracking between characters.

How do I join #The200Challenge?

This challenge aims to raise awareness and encourage the public to keep a safe distance.

As each visual identity of each company is different and the objective is the same, we must adapt our logo by separating the elements that make it up.

It is easier than it seems, just look at the tracking (space between characters) and increase it by 200 points.

The result will be remarkably visible. Join the challenge, together we will manage to stop the expansion of the Covid-19.

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