You are currently generating large volumes of information, but are you taking advantage of them?

Information provides value

Every company with complex processes and multiple sources (ERP, e-commerce, queues, folders, sharepoint, ESB, etc.) generates huge amounts of data by default, which are not adding value and are not being used.
These wasted data are mostly attributable to the fact that companies do not know how to obtain them, are poorly analyzed, or simply go ignored.

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Massive Data Collection

It captures, retains and enhances hundreds, thousands or millions of events in a highly scalable way, adapting and enriching them to give business value.

Real Time Monitoring

Through Real Time Dashboards that provide a very valuable level of control to give visibility, prediction and control over complex processes.

Analyze all the information

This data, analyzed with the right business logic, will allow you to have a unique advantage because you will have 100% relevant information.

Make the best decisions

From now on, you will have a global vision of the processes, you will be able to detect incidents and inefficiencies faster and your decisions will be supported by data.

Analyze all the information whatever your activity area

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Fastkeeper provides added value in these areas

Fastkeeper Factory

Improving product quality and optimizing production processes in manufacturing and processing factories is what Fastkeeper focuses on to help you.
  • Machine learning applications, algorithms and platforms are contributing to the development of new business models within this industry.
  • Improve production performance and reduce waste and scrap costs thanks to Fastkeeper.
  • It monitors in real time variables in productive resources with immediate activation of counter-measures in the event of a variation from the optimum scenario.

Fastkeeper Logistics

Automatically track and sequence all variables related to your logistics and supply chain processes, regardless of their location.
  • Manage all service issues through an automatic alert system.
  • Control your global inventory and serve it in accordance with global operational excellence.
  • Reduces sales losses related to stock availability by more than 50%.

Fastkeeper Retail

Designed for Retail Industry, where it is necessary to control and monitor the events of each process.
Boost your sales potential thanks to Fastkeeper. It operates globally to combine online sales with your physical stores.
  • Improve the availability of the ecommerce service, increasing up to 20% the delivery service efficiency in your network.
  • Monitor sales trends by anticipating each market.
  • Manage all invoicing volume in real time, controlling sales in ecommerce as in physical store.

Fastkeeper Health

Focusing on the medicine of the “4 Ps”, it evolves towards a Predictive, Personalized, Preventive and Participatory medicine. Do you know how much information is stored throughout the clinical life of a patient?
  • Fastkeeper is your patient’s digital prescription assistant.
  • Unify in one platform all the information and thanks to the combination of Big Data and Machine Learning put predictive medicine in motion.
  • By using large-scale information intake, you will be able to improve the effectiveness of diagnosis by supporting the preparation of medical reports.

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