DevOps World is an IT organization model that integrates communication, standardization and process automation

Why do you keep waiting so long?

In traditional models of software development, business agility was reduced due to inefficiency and slowness of software launching and deploying.
Top talented developers were wasted on low-level tasks and did not reach their full potential.
Now DevOps has changed the rules of the game.

Evolve to the software organization of the future thanks to our DevOps World

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DevOps as a Service Bundles

DevOps Onboarding & Start-up

For companies that want to start implementing technologies and methodologies related to DevOps and want to do it safely, progressively and without uncertainty.
Services and stages are structured and combined according to the objectives and needs identified in each Client, creating a totally personalized and pragmatic approach with results in the short term, allowing us to maintain a Learning by Doing perspective.
Our engineers support and guide the whole process in a theoretical and practical way.

DevOps Coaching: Design, Implementation, Support and Technical Assistance

We work with DevOps practices and technologies addressing collaborations and services adapted to each organization, currently we work for large international companies providing the following services:
  • Full support of DevOps practices.
  • SQUAT: Complex problem solving in any of the DevOps scopes with Elite Engineers.
  • Integration into the customer’s DevOps team, being part of it as one of the team.
  • Full responsibility of a DevOps area within our Client’s organization.

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Meet SmartFlow, our DevOps Ready to Run solution

SmartFlow: DevOps in a Box

Complete solution of DevOps architecture ready to deploy and start working.
Every component is already integrated and tested, which saves time, expenses and significant mistakes.







Alert Mgmt.


Sharing Tools



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Our DevOps World Method

#dareCode is DevOps

Our teams work remotely and distributed with large national and international companies.
We are a magnet for the best talent, wherever it may be, enabling us to have the best DevOps engineers and to create the best teams to offer our Clients high value services.


Start-up leadership


Setting up


Progressive transfer to the customer


Integration into your team and support

Our Partners

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Why dareCode's DevOps World?


Continuous delivery

Our DevOps World allows you to reduce launch times thanks to continuous delivery.

Flexible Deployment

Our flexible deployment allows us to adapt to your business pace, improving your business efficiency.

Effective Teams

dareCode’s DevOps Teams have immediate diagnostic and solution capabilities.

Avoid Eventualities

Reduce gaps between environments thus avoiding all the unforeseen events that may arise on a day-to-day basis.

Fluid Feedback

Development and quality units will be in continuous contact improving all communications of their processes.

Auditable Control

We build trust because all features and new versions are 100% auditable and available to control them.

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