Our mission is to conduct our clients in the definition and implementation of their digital strategies


Digital Strategy

We establish the ideal bases to begin with the Integral Digital Transformation of your business, always with you in the whole process.


Customer Experience

We help to increase the knowledge of companies about their customers improving all consumer-company interactions.



We develop applications adapted to your business model based on innovation, renewal and integration of processes.


DevOps as Organizational Model

DevOps model is an IT organization model that integrates in its activity: Communication, Standardization and Process Automation.


Project Management Office (PMO)

dareCode makes available professionals with extensive experience in project management to ensure global quality.


Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

We are experts in providing services in areas such as Analytics or Business Intelligence, holding a team of multidisciplinary experts.

We work with

Discover the world of the future, today

Digital Strategy

In dareCode we study your business see the digital maturity of it and then be able to apply process improvements digitally and at the business model level.

Interaction between business processes before, during and after implementation
Study of digital trends that best adapt to business processes
Measurement and control of objectives

Client Experience

Through the latest digital technologies we can identify all interactions with consumers, determining the overall experience of the client with your company.

Consulting and optimization of streaming processes for operational efficiency
Experience in mass commercial data and targeting algorithms
“FastKeeper for Crm” solution and Salesforce implementation
KYC (Know Your Cient) y NYC (Not Yet Client) services


In dareCode we work in the development of applications with three clear principles

 Renovation, to improve the performance of business processes
Innovation, to give the best response to the changes and needs of our customers
Real and effective integration between business processes

DevOps Organizational Models

DevOps Teams integration is undoubtedly one of the game changers of the digital landscape, allowing to reduce the time to market launch, reduction of gaps and a greater use of technical and human resources.

Flexible deployment at the pace of business
Auditable control of versions and features
Teams with diagnostic capacity and immediate solution

Project Management Office (PMO)

Every project needs to be managed by a Project Manager, in dareCode we have professionals with extensive experience.

Certified professionals in PMP & Agile
Multinational governance

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Our service in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence areas, has a multidisciplinary team that normally works as part of a project, but we can also deploy a layer of integration in existing platforms.

Analytics & Big Data consultancy
Artificial Intelligence Design as part of development projects
Information volumes adaptation to business logic


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