We guide our clients in the definition and implementation of their digital strategies


Remote Workspaces

We prepare companies to work remotely, seeking the highest productivity and comfort.

Fastkeeper - Big Data

Get information about your business and your environment that you didn’t know before, go ahead and make the best decisions.

App Evolution to Cloud

We adapt and evolve legacy applications to operate in Cloud environments, and we also develop Cloud Native applications.

Digital Strategy

We establish the ideal bases to begin the Integral Digital Transformation of your business, always guiding you through the whole process.

Customer Experience

We help increase companies’ knowledge about their customers by improving all consumer-business interactions.

App Development

We develop applications adapted to your business model based on innovation, renovation and integration of processes.

We work with

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Fastkeeper - Real Time Big Data

Big Data brings great opportunities for companies to leverage their information internally and externally:
dareCode provides experience in the use of the latest big data technology tools to analyze all relevant information for our clients’ solutions.
Our customers achieve significant improvements in efficiency and reduced operating costs by using the information extracted from Big Data.

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App Evolution to Cloud

We take care of both creating Cloud Native applications and making your Legacy applications evolve into Cloud environments:
  • Cloud Native Application Development
  • Architecture design to operate in Cloud environments and processes of adaptation and progressive evolution.
  • Adaptation and transformation of legacy applications to operate in Cloud environments

Customer Experience

Using the latest digital technologies we are able to identify all consumer interactions determining the overall customer experience with your company:
  • KYC (Know Your Cient) and NYC (Not Yet Client) services
  • Experience in massive commercial and targetization data algorithms
  • Consulting and optimization of streaming processes for operational efficiency
  • FastKeeper for crm” solution and Salesforce implementation

Digital Strategy

At dareCode we study your business to be able to see its digital maturity and then apply the improvements in the processes not so much on a digital level, but on a business model level:
  • Target measurement and control
  • Research of the digital trends that best suit the business processes
  • Interaction between business processes before, during and after implementation

App Development

At dareCode we work on the development of applications with three clear principles:
  • Real and effective integration between business processes
  • Innovation, to give the best response to the changes and needs of our customers
  • Renovation, to improve the performance of business processes

Project Management Office (PMO)

Every project needs to be directed or managed by a project manager. At dareCode we have professionals with extensive experience:
  • Multinational Governance
  • PMP & Agile Certified Professionals

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